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She doesn't need a knight in shining armor, but a man who can shoot is very appealing.

The “Then” is the most important part of the story!

Boy meets girl, then boy and girl fall in love, then boy and girl live happily ever after… Sounds simple enough, right? 

 Everyone knows when you read a romance novel, you will follow the couple through their journey of falling in love. 

  But there is so much more to it than that.  That’s why my stories focus on the “then” aspect.  Real life isn’t easy, so why not introduce some hard times, some action, and some danger in their stories, and make the couple work for what they want?

Love against all odds.png

Honest romance with a suspenseful journey.

Life is hard, and everyone we meet is fighting something that no one else knows about.  Sometimes it is dragging them down and making them feel like they are drowning. 

Love against all odds.png

The apocalypse is the best time to fall in love!

My books are filled with emotion.  You will laugh, cry, hate, worry, and fear for the lives of the characters.  Some of my books tackle difficult topics and some propose possible (or impossible) futures.  But all of them will keep you turning the pages and hoping that the lovers find their way out together.

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