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Wendy Zuccarello

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Loudening Silence.jpg

Ashlyn Ford is deaf and alone in a world where even the strongest perish, and she has been deemed a traitor in her secluded, cult-like, fenced-in community.  Her own father is out to kill her to protect his misguided dreams for control as Ashlyn has stolen his journal that could bring to light his sinister intentions.  When Ashlyn meets a Robin Hood-like Eli Sanders and his group of rebels from beyond the fences, she discovers acceptance and a newfound reason to challenge her father’s abuse and diabolical goals.


Aside from her parents, Eli and his group are the first people she has encountered that know American Sign Language.  He and his brother Reed, who is also deaf, help Ashlyn understand the importance of trust and teach her that family can be found anywhere.  The budding romance between Eli and Ashlyn is the fuel in their fight against her father. 


In their efforts to protect their home and their future, Ashlyn and Eli discover that there is so much more to Ashlyn’s past than they ever expected.  Ashlyn must fight the rage that consumes her every thought to protect those she has come to love.  The future is uncertain, but she and Eli are determined to survive together.

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run from the past

The long awaited sequel to...
run for your life -

For the Future Series Book 2

run from the past release.png

Life has changed. It is a constant in a world full of uncertainty.

There are new monsters chasing us, both human and subhuman, and at this point, I can’t tell you which are worse. We face a new enemy, and we must do all we can to strike first, or death will find us for sure. I feel like all we do is run, and the fact is that it seems to always take us in opposite directions.

Safety becomes an illusion, one that strains even the strongest of relationships, especially when we are captured, and all hope is lost.

The truth is a mirage and the more we learn, the tougher it is to understand. You cannot run from the past because it will always catch you.

Only one thing is certain… the future is coming, and we will face it together.

Enjoy a little sneak peek...

“I love you,” I whisper into Traven’s chest. “I need you to know that. No matter what happens, you will always be the best part of my life.”

“If I am not allowed to say goodbye, neither are you. I won’t let them tear us apart, Z.”

He steps back to remove his gloves and places both palms on my cheeks, brushing the hair back from my wet face. My hands rest on top of his as if I can hold him there forever.

“I love you, Zinley. I love you more than my own life and no matter what happens, I will find you,” Traven says. He leans in and kisses me. It is not deep and full of passion. It is soft, gentle, and filled with promise.

And goodbye.

“I’m so sorry,” I say because this is my fault. It will always be my fault.

I try to memorize the feel of his arms around me, locking it into my memory to use against the challenges that are coming. He places a kiss on the top of my head before resting his cheek there. The sadness falling from his eyes wets my hair, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Up until this point, Crete has been quiet, but mine and Traven’s display sparks questions. “Guys, what aren’t you telling me?”

“They are going to take us, Crete. I don’t know if I will ever see you again,” I say sadly.

He gasps. “What?”

“You don’t know what will happen, Z,” Traven says, but the creak of the rusty door opening prevents any further discussion.

Traven doesn’t release me from his hold. He continues to whisper words of love and promise.

“F**k,” Crete says, and it says it all.

“Well, well. Fancy meeting you here,” Vicor says. “Welcome home, Origin.”

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The Only Time We Get.png
I thought you said it wouldn't be hunting today..png (5).png

There is no possible way this is happening. No one will believe her.

Samantha “Sam” Levy has no idea how she got here, or even where here is, but the giant dinosaur chasing her has her doubting her sanity. The mysterious man dragging her behind him as they run for their lives came out of nowhere, but he saved her life, so he is now her best friend. The fact that they are the only two people in existence makes no difference.

Time travel is supposed to be a thing of fantasy – something only seen in science fiction movies.

Yet, here they are, in a time when no human belongs.

There is something familiar about Sawyer, but his constant push and pull with her is tiresome, and hurtful. She has always been alone, and it sucks that even in a time when there are only two people alive, she is on the outside. Against her better judgement, she is falling for Sawyer, but he is doing what he can to keep her away from his heart because of his own past.

But there is more going on here, and each step she takes brings her closer to death. As she learns more about Sawyer and why they were sent back in time, she realizes that maybe the dinosaurs aren’t the only things to fear.

The truth is revealed slowly, and she is forced to make decisions she never wanted to make.

Time is her enemy.

There is never enough, or always too much.

The future might not be what, or when, she expects, but she and Sawyer need each other.

Both their lives depend on her ability to overcome the past to secure their future.

Also Available Now!

The first 4 Short Stories of the Healing Mountains Series are available on Kindle Vella!

Short Stories.png
Finding Strength.png
Finding Everything.jpg

Episode 1: 
Finding Everything

Take a look at Zoey and Jared's wedding through the eyes of Cal.

Episode 2:
Finding Strength

Experience the birth of Lia,

Cal and Piper's first born.

Finding Trouble.png

Episode 3:
Finding Trouble

Enjoy the laugh-out-loud, chaotic story of the first time Tag, Cal, and Jared are alone with 4 toddlers.

Finding the Future.png

Episode 4:

Finding the Future

Take a glimpse at Lia and CJ (from Never Let Go) in high school, and the moment everything changed for Lia.

More Episodes Coming Soon....


Now Available 
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Guarding Gwyn teaser.png
“We all have scars, Dave Live.png
There are words that I want to say to you right now, but I am not sure that you are ready
Finding Forgiveness.jpg
Finding the One.jpg


I also write short and spicy romances under the name Michelle Rider

Check out those books here.

When You Know.jpg
More Than You’ll Ever Know.jpg

Available Now from Michelle Rider

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When Eyes Meet (1).jpg

If you looked up introvert in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Ali Ewing. After a traumatic event in high school, she isolated herself from everyone, convinced that if you don’t let people in, they can’t hurt you. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned. As an aspiring mystery writer, she is forced to work with a partner for the final project in her creative writing class.

Of course, she is paired with Cole Buchanan, the guy she has crushed on since starting college.

But the absolute kicker… the genre they are given for their scene is romance.

Cole has been very aware of Ali since he first laid eyes on her freshman year. He was beyond excited to finally have a class with her, and even more ecstatic that they were paired together for the final project. As a sci-fi writer, he knows nothing of romance but is willing to give it a shot with Ali. The only problem is he can tell how nervous she is around him. He wants nothing more than for her to give him a chance, but when he finds out what happened to her in high school, he worries she will never trust him.

When Cole finally convinces Ali of his feelings, her past catches up to them and sends her running. Cole must fight hard to convince Ali of his love, but more importantly, that she can trust him. Everything depends on it, and he won’t give up until he gets her back.

When Eyes Meet is a fast-paced story of learning to let go of the past so that you can find your future.


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